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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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(applause) >> thank you very much, supervisor. at this point, again, i want to reemphasize the importance of the leader's office, leader pelosi. and i'm not sure if there is a representative from leader pelosi's office here today. they're probably very, very busy right now in dealing first with the fiscal cliff and other issues at washington, d.c. but the work we do here in san francisco, not only here but in all of our affordable housing, is really a partnership also with the federal government, using the tools that the leader has supported over the years, including the ara funds we received as part of this development, the low-income housing tax credits which are critical for the financing of this development, and all the other affordable housing developments in san francisco. so, again, we want to
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acknowledge the -- her leadership and her contribution and her support throughout her very long career for affordable housing in san francisco. at this time i'd like to introduce the president of the tenants association, diva youngblood. and one of the things that we wanted to do in this, you know, as part of hope sf, was this was doing -- building affordable housing, not for the residents, but with the residents. and we really tried very, very hard to consult the residents in the development process. it helped with resident associations as we developed the hope sf concept. i see dwayne jones. i don't know if fred is anywhere here, but dwayne and fred and doug and matt franklin
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really sought to solicit a lot of input from the residents because the goal of this -- of building housing is not to, again, not to just build it for the residents, but build it with the residents and build communities. and ensure that the residents have a say in how the developments will be constructed and operated in the future. and with that i'd like to introduce the newly elected president of the residence association, congratulations diva youngblood. (applause) >> hello to everyone here. this has been an exhausting journey. [laughter] >> it really has. but i actually see a number of people here that i really don't want to exclude urban strategy. they were here from the beginning for the residents
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good, bad, or indifferent. they went through some knocks with us, and i truly want to thank them and to whoever is here to represent them. i personally thank you, thank you, thank you. as well as to some of the faces set when i was not the president, i was the vice. and i do thank you, mr. dwayne, because it really has been a very taxing journey. and i truly hope that the y gina keeps that open door policy. i thank you for that. and to everyone that's here, thank you, thank you, thank you. (applause) >> all right. and again, thank you to the residents. we look forward to working with them on the subsequent phases and look forward to working with all the residents in all the developments as we move forward on this endeavor.
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at this point i'd like to introduce the president of the lead developer of this partnership, and that is jack gardner. without our developers, without our partnerships, we wouldn't be here because we need developers to design and create this and to secure all the financing. and i'd like to introduce jack gardner. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, olson. mr. mayor, i'm going to bring my kids to the next event because i want the mayor of san francisco to tell them to keep their rooms clean, too. [laughter] >> so, and these guys are like, that wasn't part of the deal. wait a second. anyway, after almost eight years of nonstop effort, i and my team are simply thrilled and overjoyed to deliver the first building in the first phase of the first hope sf development. it is truly a great day.
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it's taken the commitment, the hard work, the financial support, and the confidence of many people and agencies to get us to this point, many of whom have already been thanked. i need to quickly single out, of course, the city and county of san francisco, the state, the housing authority itself, hud, our private lenders and investors including enterprise, and most importantly the residents of hunters view themselves who have been with us in this journey. so, thank you to the residents and everyone who has helped us get here today. we are very honored to be playing a role in the fulfillment of the grand promise of hope sf, to transform the city's most troubled public housing complexes into vibrant and exciting new mixed income neighborhoods that better serve their current and future residents, their communities, and the city as a whole. bringing world class design, first-class amenities and construction quality, green building materials and systems,
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no involuntary re dent displacement, a guaranteed right to return to a new unit, and new job training, employment opportunities and comprehensive supportive services to hunters view, phase 1 delivers on the promise we made to the residents eight years ago, but this was not about -- this was about improving their quality of life and their prospects for the future, not about making a buck and not about taking the land away for market rate redevelopment purposes. * so, i am so proud to be delivering on that promise here today. with 25 units, the buildings that surround you represent just 3% of the total hunters view transformation to come. when we complete the two buildings up the hill, we will have gotten to 15% completion. when we start phase 2 next year, we'll be getting closer to a third. but one day, with the ongoing support and commitment of all
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of our partners, the residents, the community, we will stand in the center of an entirely new hunters view, a brand-new beautiful neighborhood on the hill that will meet all of our needs, all of our visions. wouldn't have been possible without the leadership of the mayor and the supervisor, without the commission at the housing authority, without the board of supervisors, a brand-new city on the hill that delivers on the grand promise and the vision of hope sf. so, special thanks to everyone who has been involved. and i think they've been capably and ably thanked already. i would just say special thanks to my partners at ridge point nonprofit housing corporation up here in bayview hunters point. (applause) >> thank you, larry. my partners at divine and gong incorporated, rick, divine and everyone who participated. to my team, from dan, to
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lawrence, john stewart, a special shout out to our very own margaret miller who has spent much of the last seven years of her life helping make this dream come true. (applause) >> so, thank you, thank you, and truly happy new year to all. thanks. (applause) >> thank you, jeff. so, this is, again, one of those san francisco moments, right? we don't do things easy and we want to do things that are pushing the envelope. and one of the things that we're pushing the envelope on is trying to look at how we provide for the services for the families. and one of the things that this unique to this development is that we have the campaign for hope sf. and this is a campaign which is -- whose goal is to raise $25 million for funding of what they would call transformative
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or disruptive social services for the residents. the goal is to help the city overall do thing better, to find new things, to new services to provide, and to really transform the lives of the residents of today and tomorrow. as the mayor said, it's not about the bricks and mortars. it's about the lives of the people and the foundations are going to be a big part of that along with trent rohrer and hsa and the other city departments going forward. so, i'd like to introduce rich gross. (applause) >> thank you very much. that was a great description of the campaign. i can save half of what i was going to say. and thank you all for shivering out here for a few more minutes. [laughter] >> a number of you have heard me say before that i think this is the singlemost important
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urban initiative in the country. and i think that's true. and that makes this opening the single most important opening in the country. i think that what's really critical about this development is that it's working with the residents. we've heard that from all the speakers today. that's what makes a difference. and many communities across the country, when public housing is redeveloped, the residents are ignored or the residents are moved away or the residents -- or the new housing is enough. what's different about san francisco, what's different about hope sf is that's not enough. the campaign for hope sf is an initiative to raise $25 million for, as olson said, human services, to transform the neighborhood, the lives, working with the residents closely. it has brought in san francisco foundation enterprise, the city, and numerous other foundations, philanthropic organizations and corporations, all of whom are committed for
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the long term. and this will take a long time. hunters view will take a long time. there are seven other housing projects as part of hope sf. we are committed to sticking it through the long-term and i think that's really critical. one of the key aspects -- i work for a national organization that does nonprofit development and affordable housing. we know that the whole country is looking at what we're doing here, and that's really important. everyone thinks -- everyone thinks this is the right way to do it and can we do it here. and i think in san francisco we can. in san francisco we have corporations, we have a city government, we have residents. we have developers. we have a whole range of players in redevelopment public housing that will make this change. and that's really critical. so, i think the whole country is watching and we'll show them what san francisco can do. you all heard the phrase it takes a village. in san francisco it takes the
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entire city. we have the mayor totally committed to redeveloping public housing with the residents. we have developers like john stewart, divine and gong ridgeview who have sweat blood for years for this project. they should be incredibly proud of what they've done. lord knows they won't make much money at it. [laughter] >> we have, we have a board of supervisors supporting this for years. we have philanthropy i, we have corporations, we have hud, we have a whole range of people that are committed to this for the long term. * so, i just want to say this is one step. and there are many steps to go, but this is monumental. and congratulations to the residents and everyone involved in the project. thank you. (applause) >> so, at this time i'd like to sort of close the ceremony or presentation by thanking all those people that i didn't
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thank and didn't acknowledge who should have been acknowledged because there's just too many people to acknowledge. i know we have some commissioners here, both from the former redevelopment commission and the housing authority commission and some of the other commissions. there are just too many people to thank at this point. but i would love to just thank all of you for coming to share this moment with us. it's the start of something really, really big and it's nice for you all to be here in this very cold day to share this warm moment with us, a day that we will always remember. thank you very, very much. and we're going to have a little photo op right here. (applause) >> we have a key to present.
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